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Charter Passenger Jet

When your requirement is to charter a passenger aircraft, we will assist you in finding the right aircraft type according to your demands.

We provide transport solutions for large and small groups.

The advantages are numerous when you charter aircraft through Airbroker AS. We cooperate with all the reputable aircraft operators in Europe. You will arrive at your final destination with no change of aircraft. At most airports you can set your departure time subject to slot times being available.
Your group is together all the way. Should you have special requirements as to service on board, this can be arranged.
You will also have you own check-in counter with the possibility of having your company name/logo on the monitors.

We have long-standing experience with charter flights to numerous destinations with tasks ranging from company trips, special events, sports events, exhibitions, crew change flights, just to mention a few.
Give us a call for an offer. All we need is: number of participants, dates and timings for departure and return and the destination.

Advantages of chartering your own aircraft

  • • You arrive directly to you final destination.
  • • Your group arrives together at the same time.
  • • You set the departure time and date.

We have a long-standing experience with all categories of charter flights to numerous destinations. Airbroker tailors solutions according to you needs and wishes.